Feb 142012

My friends Bridget and the Squares are embarking on the magical journey of releasing a record. Unfortunately that magical journey can get a bit expensive. So to get this project off the ground they contacted me to help make a video for their Kickstarter campaign. I was glad to help! This video is the result of a few coffees, a free day, and one expensive hot chocolate!
Enjoy and donate if you can!

Sep 172011

At the end of august a few friends and I all took some time off from work, except Pablo, to go on a small road trip. We were all set to drive up to Connecticut and stay at Ray’s house and skate Groton and Bristol Skate parks but the rain that weekend was torrential and made it impossible for us to sleep out in back of Ray’s because it was now underwater. So we all get depressed for a few hours until we came up with a plan to just do the trip backwards. We would go from NYC to Long Branch New Jersey to Philly to New Haven,CT. So the next morning we set out in Robby’s nice Mazda and my shitty cramped Chevy that has a terrible oil leak and got to Jersey alive. We hit up Below the Bridge Indoor Skate Park because it was still raining when we got there. But of course after we paid our 15 bucks the sun came out. Then from there we hit up Sayerville, which was surrounded by pretty gnarly thunderstorms and unfortunately the bowl was filled with water, kids swimming, and a frog. We hit up a few more parks in Jersey ate a whole bunch of pork roll and wound up on the beach late one night.

New Shoes....

Jon's Galaxy Bruise

No Towel

We hung out at Jon’s house for two nights then drove out to Philly. It was fun minus the sketchy FDR meth locals. Then we went to a strange park up in North Philly called Whitehull. Then we drank beers in a skateshop and got Cheese Steaks with our friend Mollot who showed us around the city. But with nowhere to stay we head up to Connecticut that same night. We got there around Midnight, and headed straight for the beach again, except this time a very rude undercover cop wasn’t too far behind. After he cursed us out we apologized and moved on. The next day we went out to Groton and Bristol and had a great time, save for the white trash racist who was skating around wasted at 2 in the afternoon. We went back to Ray’s house after he messed his knee up board sliding a handrail at Bristol park. The next day we got some breakfast, crutches, coffee, and drove back to New York with my engine smoking more than ever.

This couldn't be a two person tent.

Vest Friends

I woke up in my tent to a flock of birds flying out of a bush across the yard. After waching about eighty birds fly away I heard a very loud thud. This bird was under the window, a little startled but he flew away eventually.